I was recently given the blessing of an intuitive spirit painting from this love-filled medium.  Her portrait is the perfect representation and memory of an experience we shared in connecting with loved ones in spirit.  She has a unique ability to blend with the love between this world and the next, and to present evidence that is so clearly seen with eyes of love.  Valerie is so filled with light and love herself, she cannot give anything but light and love to those who sit with her, as well as to those across the veil.  I am forever amazed and grateful for her unique ability to connect with Spirit and the Divine, and for her gift to me. 



“Thank you Valerie for your wonderful gift of connecting with our son Ryan and sharing with me.  I felt so good after our reading - a peaceful content feeling of all is okay and things are good - feeling.  I especially loved that two days prior to my reading Ryan had sent you messages during your meditation. I feel he was sending messages so that I would relax and not doubt.  You shared with me the list of things he liked. What a gift to me!  I look at the list still and remember those things.  Valerie, you have a beautiful loving gift of connecting to our loved ones that have passed and I look forward to being there on your journey to deeper understanding.”

Theresa Colton

Soldotna, Alaska

“Recently I received an amazing reading from Valerie Kwietniak.  The reading turned out to be something very different and so much greater than I expected, as Valerie channeled my guides! I received so many powerful and loving messages, one after another.  These were very timely and specific messages of support and guidance for my life, my work and my spiritual path.  It was truly a life-changing experience.  I am so grateful to Valerie and my guides for this wonderful gift.  ”

Nina Cree

Amarillo, Texas

“I would highly recommend Valerie to do an artistic reading for you.  Valerie is very professional with an engaging and warm personality.  I do not know of anyone else that specializes in this type of reading, so you are in for a wonderful experience.  Valerie did a reading and watercolor painting for me, which gave me a deep insight into my mother and how to relate to her through a very difficult time in her life.  Valerie established a strong connection with my grandmother on the other side and brought through a special message.  It did not matter that we were speaking on the telephone and not in person, as Spirit knows no limits.  The watercolor painting was a wonderful keepsake that I still look upon for added connection with my grandmother.  Valerie combines her mediumship and artistic talents to give you a life changing experience.”

Jayne Howell


“Valerie's work has transformed my life. I always believed in the afterlife but having clear, direct and intimate communication with my loved ones has completely changed the way I look at and live my life. Through her amazing heart touching readings, I realize that this life we are living is a very small part of our total existence and Being. Knowing this in my bones, I now live my life to the fullest!”

Jean Riccio


I’ve heard it said, it is the most beautiful gift of grace to be in alignment with your divine assignment. This defines Valerie and the beautiful gift of grace she offers your soul as an inspirational, intuitive Spirit artist!  


Her loving heart connection with Spirit blessed my soul with exquisite gentleness, compassionate guidance, and profound inspirational wisdom. I felt wholeheartedly embraced in love during her reading.  I not only felt my team of guides, angels and loved ones, I was encapsulated in their divine love. We were truly in divine harmony!  

Valerie shared so many, many precious gems of insightful wisdom on their behalf which has allowed me to explore my own soul’s vision, my dreams, and heartfelt desires in a unique way I never thought was possible. My lofty dreams are waiting!  I am so very grateful! 

Karen Morrissey



“It has been a joy-filled experience, Valerie.  In the reading you gave us, we feel the real essence of our precious son.  You started off with irrefutable evidence which assured us you have connected with him.  What better gift for us than to know that our child is still right here and loving us more than ever! I have not laughed so much for a long long time as I did during the reading.  You are great for sharing the feelings and emotions that our son wants us to have.  My husband and I are thankful for the reading and for the intuitive spirit painting.  That is unique and precious to us. You have our highest recommendation for other parents who want to connect with their children in Spirit.”

Mabel Chan


Valerie, thank you for such a beautiful reading with my son, Tyler.  I could feel him with me.  It brought out so many emotions.  The painting you gave me captured our relationship perfectly.  Thank you for all that you do.

Beth West

South Carolina

I had a unique and profound reading with Valerie.  When we started my reading, she asked me to visualize a heart to heart connection between us, which was instantly felt.  She so lovingly brought in my Spirit Guide and Guardian Angel.  She laid out a beautiful scenario, then channeled the most heart felt message that was definitely specific to me and where I am on my journey.  Many questions that I had been asking myself were answered perfectly.  She then asked me if I would like to pull an Oracle Card, which I did.  It was magical and life changing.  She also did a beautiful watercolor painting, which pretty much summed up our time together.  I would highly recommend any service she offers. Valerie is a kind, loving and special soul.  I feel blessed that Spirit led me to her.

Patty Callini

The Villages, FL

I have been blessed to have had several readings with this gifted medium and artist. The information she has received from my family members has been evidence-based for the assurance of knowing my people are really present. But more importantly, to me, once the identification is done, Valerie then brings through the most beautiful and loving messages. The connection she developed with the love of my life, my husband and soulmate, was a special gift. This resulted in a work of art which captures the essence of our relationship and carries with it an energy which comforts me and lets me feel my sweetheart each time I see it. I am so grateful for Valerie's work, her open heart, her humility and her kindness. She is a treasured resource for those times I'm so missing my loved ones. Thank you again, Valerie.

Lynette Setzkorn

Tulsa, OK