My Story

Looking To The Stars

It was the sudden violent death of my father, a police officer in the small town where I lived, which awakened me to the fact of a Greater Reality. I was six years old then. This life altering event led me to an all encompassing passion for the Divine and, later in life, a decade of work for the Catholic Church. As a trained Spiritual Director with the church, I further expanded my own awareness and led others through the process of developing a deeper relationship with the mystical aspects of being human.

After a profound reading with evidential medium, Suzanne Giesemann, I found myself launched onto the path of mediumship. Though fascinated and deeply affected by the kind of healing which can occur in a reading, I had no idea before taking my first class that I carried within myself the gift of being able to clearly communicate with spirit.

The ability to become an open channel for communication between those in spirit and their loved ones left behind has been deeply rewarding for me. Mediumship offers great comfort and healing in the reassurance that those we have loved and lost are still with us. As such, it offers the greatest potential for recovery from grief and loss.

After many classes and much devotion to the art and science of mediumship, I spontaneously began to create paintings during and after readings. This art is spirit-led and has arisen out of the loving connections with both my sitters and with their deceased loved ones, spirit guides, and angels.

Painted by Joni Tanner.